7 Reasons
why you should call
The School Uniform Company
You are looking to introduce a new uniform concept for the first time.
Your current uniform is looking old and dated, a change is long overdue.
The cost of your current uniform is too high.
You have ongoing quality problems with your existing uniform.
Currently, your uniform orders take forever.
You experience ongoing stock availability issues.
Your existing contract is up for renewal and it always pays to consider all options.

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We offer a personalised service with an emphasis on style, quality and value.

Call us today - we have a school uniform solution for your school

Call us today.
School uniforms are what we do.
Need to know more about us as a company, go to FAQ's.

Why schools do business with us ...

It's all about providing a solution to suit the specific circumstances of that school's community.  Read more about Supply Solutions.

Design capacity.  We can custom design a great uniform for your school.  As a policy we always try to add more value to the garment.  Even our basic stock service items have some attention to detail.

Stock service, well designed good quality garments at a competitive price on the shelf ready for dispatch.

Generate a passive income for the school.  Please contact us to set up an ongoing income stream for the school.

Price. As a company we always try to be competitive and meet the market on price but what's more important is good value.  Cheap usually means "Cheap".  The School Uniform Company focuses on good value.  If we cannot compete on price then it's "cheap".

Personal service.  A big company supplying hundreds of schools does not always mean good service.  We are a small to medium sized company and this gives us an edge.  Flexibility and personal attention is our unique selling point.

Carbon footprint.   Find out what is possible when it comes to school uniforms and environment friendly apparel products.

Click FAQ's and find out the real facts regarding environment friendly apparel.

Order Online.  As from 2009 you can order basic school uniform items online.  These are basic stock service items without a logo.

Frequently Asked Questions.  Read more information about us a company or information regarding fabrics, quality and other school uniforms issues on FAQ's.

Guidelines for the supply of school uniforms
Read the Commerce Act – published by the Commerce Commission (Dec 08)

As a company we support this act as it allows for transparency for all parties. The supplier, the school and the parents.  We welcome this act as parents are often locked into paying high prices. Another scenario is that parents are locked into low prices and bad quality.      

Download a copy of the Commerce Act now.

School uniforms direct –we have a great system that takes the pressure off the school.
Supply Solutions for more info.

School uniforms online- your schools own web shop.
Supply Solutions for more info.

School uniforms stock service- on the shelf ready to go.
We make it easy, click
Supply Solutions for more info.

Implementing school uniforms at your school – guidelines on how the follow the correct process, click New School Uniforms for more info.




After one year in uniform, we are most satisfied with the service and quality that we receive from THE SCHOOL UNIFORM COMPANY. Parents deal directly with the supplier. Orders are individually packed and sent to a nominated address. This is a system that works well for our school.

Viv Collins,
Silverdale School



The kids look great in the new uniform. We are very happy with the quality.

Lucy Epstein,
Jireh School

We have been extremely impressed with both the initial and subsequent follow up service provided by THE SCHOOL UNIFORM COMPANY. They certainly delivered what they said they would.

Brenda Drew,
Riverhead School

PO Box 224,
North Shore, 0755
New Zealand
Phone: + 64 9 476 2148
Fax:  + 64 9 476 2147
Email: sales@schooluniform.co.nz